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Smart decision.

Welcome to Smart Farms

Smart Farms is dedicated to the success of the cattle industry and the producers that make up its foundation. As commercial producers we understand the importance of animals that are superior and economical. As a purebred breeder it is our obligation to cull heavy and select genetics that produce sound, phenotypic cattle that will not cost producers but benefit them financially. This is achieved by selecting cattle with sound composition, fertility, and production and the use of all technical tools available like EPDs, ultrasound, and gene testing.. Production is not just limited to the size of the animal but the composition and efficiency of that animal. With the use of gene testing it is possible to select for carcass composition like marbling and tenderness as well as feed efficiency. After all it is our job to make our customers more money for the continued success of the cattle industry.

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Work Stiffs Bull Sale - March 28th, 2020
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